Sunday, November 4, 2012

mind over matter

What should I say?.. well, honestly I really have no idea on what to talk about. So many thoughts are coming into my mind and trying to capsulize them all in this entry

First, regarding the long weekend, nothing exciting really happened. I and my college friends reunited once again in a one night videoke event. Sharing of experiences, thoughts and plans took place. And of course we never failed to laugh over things as usual.

Second, “May the force be with you!”. Yes, this weekend gave me a chance to finish the STARWARS MOVIE sequels. Yeah, I was able to watch them all from part one to part six.

Third, I also attended a children’s party courtesy of my friend Jen for her nephew’s first birthday celebration at Jollibee Sta.Lucia. This supposedly party turned into a night of pictorial. Wondering why? Well, we took pictures the whole time.

Fourth, I was able to meditate and think over things, including my lovelife. I realized that my top priority now is my work and my career path. I know that at this time, I CAN live even WITHOUT this four letter word –LOVE.

Fifth, I met this person who had taught me so much about life. I learned so many things from him. Thank you my career coach. Thank you for making me realize that I can do better. I will follow all your advice and will always keep in mind all the things that you have said. Thank you for your success stories; it inspires me a lot to work harder to achieve all my dreams and reach my goals.

Lastly, my future plans. I want to pursue again my studies next year. This year was like a roller coaster ride. I know I made some unwise decisions.Hopefully, next year will be a lot better.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i need a break

hay, juz got home from d seminar.. kakapagod, i feel so tired, restless and all!!! it's a good thing im on leave tomorrow, i will have enough time to relax, take a rest and unwind.. got my to-do-list for this weekend though, including in the list are: apply for my SSS id (needed for my loan application); visit the dentist for my annual check-up (will have my dental amalgam and dental prophylaxis); lastly, REVIEW FOR MY EXAM (hopefully).. hay, it's rili hard to prioritize two things at the same time (work + study = stress),that is why now i look-up to those who can put these two things together.. i don't know how they do it, i'm really clueless about how they work 5 days in a week yet they still do good in school. Today im complaining about this how much more when i pursue my plan to take up my MBA (no steps being taken yet for this to materialize so i guess it will still take some time pa).. *sigh*

anyway, i will just enjoy my long weekend, will resume work on tuesday pa.. gudnyt guys

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Na..

34 days to go before Christmas, in tagalog tatlongpu't apat n tulog nalang pasko na.. im getting so excited and at the same time worried,.. y worried?well, i guess because Christmas day is also synonymous to GASTOS (maaaring marameng mgkukunot noo o di kaya ay magtataas kilay s sinabi Qng ito pro lets face the truth that here in our country, we fabulously celebrate Christmas),... Gayunpaman, yan ang pinakadahilan kung bakit masaya ang pasko s Pinas,.. oh diba, aminin mo, talagang bigay todo ang pagcelebrate ng christmas sa atin, pagpasok p nga lang ng BER-month (September), we already start decorating our homes, yung iba'y nglalagay n ng christmas lights at ng-aassemble nrin ng kani-kanilang Christmas Tree.. isa pang katibayan n talagang very well-celebrated ang christmas sa Pinas ay ang pgbbigay ng regalo,and this is the most well-anticipated happening by everyone during christmas.. Paborito din ito nila inaanak, inaabangan ang regalo nila ninong at ninang,.. and speaking of regalo, hay, andame ko plang dapat regaluhan s Pasko,andame q n kcng inaanak, nde q maintindihan kung bkit lagi aqng nakukuhang ninong tuwing meron aqng kakilalang mgpapabinyag,.. nde b nila alam n isa aqng kuripot n tao,hahaha.. pro ok lng, ika nga nila, its better to give than to receive, ska babalik nman dw un ng ten folds, pro kung talagang wla k din namang madudukot n pitaka, dont worry coz it's the thought that counts,.
Anyway, back to our topic, one of the reasons why we look forward to Christmas day is the Handa,.. yes, christmas is a festive event here.. Marameng handa, saktong 12:00 midnight (nochebuena) nariyan n ang mga hamon, quezo de bola, menudo, cake, spaghetti, pansit, kaldereta, ice cream at kung anu anu pang nakahain s hapagkainan.. hay, nakakagutom..
Para naman s mga empleyadong katulad Q, ang gustong-gusto nten pag christmas eh ang pagtanggap ng CHristmas Bonus,.. yipee, ang sarap pakinggan.. ulitin Q nga, CHRISTMAS BONUS!!! waahhh... sana laging December, hahaha
Marame pang dahilan kung bakit mas masaya ang pasko sa Pinas at talaga namang nde Q ipagpapalit s khit n ano, maaaring my snow at white christmas nga sila, pero nde mo masasabing mas masaya,...
Panghuling salita, at isisingit Q lng, dalawa pla ang christmas wish Q this 2010, two wishes na mejo imposible.. 1st wish: sana my magregalo sken ng MAC laptop,.. 2nd wish, sana maging kame na.. kahit isa man lng jan sana mgkatotoo para masaya pro kung parehas n magkatotoo eh d mas lalong Mas masaya...
Hanggang s muli,... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday morning..

November 6, 2010, exactly 11 o'clock in the morning, 1 hr before lunch, I'm in front of the monitor again typing this entry, and this entry is all about someone not so known, someone anonymous but somehow touched my life in a way i didn't expect. If ever that this person is reading this entry, i want you to know that im looking forward to a friendship with a deeper meaning, ... My only regret at the moment is the way how everything has happened, though i know we can still patch things up, i hope we can.. Otherwise, you will remain in my mind and the euphoria that you bring,..

Im crossing my fingers and wishing upon the stars.. Moreover, i still believe in happy endings, hope one of them is ours.

till next time... ='(


yeah, the title of this blog literally describes what im feeling right now.."masakit ang Mata"... eh bat nman nde sasakit, ive bin in front of the monitor for almost 12hrs now,.. nde Q npansin ang oras, kinain kc ng Blog.. but i really had fun reading some of the articles and blog entries hir.. i read a lot of stories, different types, different topics,.. andameng magagandang blogs, nainggit aQ..hahaha balang araw gaganda din tong blog Q (asa!!)... masakit n tlaga mata Q, gusto n nyang pumikit at mgpahinga, cnamahan p ng antok, teka anong oras nb? pota, madaling araw n pla..bukas ule, paalam at magandang gabi, ay umaga n pla..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Melancholic Sadness...

Why do sometimes, for no apparent reason, melancholy strikes back.. this is a very unusual and strange feeling i believe everyone encounters in his/her life once in a while...

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Back..

Hi blog.. its bin a while since my last entry hir.. Bin very busy these past few months but dont wori, will make it up to you this time.. but actually, i got nothing in my mind at the moment, all i want is to be here, to scream, and shout to the world that "I still do exist"..