Sunday, November 4, 2012

mind over matter

What should I say?.. well, honestly I really have no idea on what to talk about. So many thoughts are coming into my mind and trying to capsulize them all in this entry

First, regarding the long weekend, nothing exciting really happened. I and my college friends reunited once again in a one night videoke event. Sharing of experiences, thoughts and plans took place. And of course we never failed to laugh over things as usual.

Second, “May the force be with you!”. Yes, this weekend gave me a chance to finish the STARWARS MOVIE sequels. Yeah, I was able to watch them all from part one to part six.

Third, I also attended a children’s party courtesy of my friend Jen for her nephew’s first birthday celebration at Jollibee Sta.Lucia. This supposedly party turned into a night of pictorial. Wondering why? Well, we took pictures the whole time.

Fourth, I was able to meditate and think over things, including my lovelife. I realized that my top priority now is my work and my career path. I know that at this time, I CAN live even WITHOUT this four letter word –LOVE.

Fifth, I met this person who had taught me so much about life. I learned so many things from him. Thank you my career coach. Thank you for making me realize that I can do better. I will follow all your advice and will always keep in mind all the things that you have said. Thank you for your success stories; it inspires me a lot to work harder to achieve all my dreams and reach my goals.

Lastly, my future plans. I want to pursue again my studies next year. This year was like a roller coaster ride. I know I made some unwise decisions.Hopefully, next year will be a lot better.

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